Thursday, October 21, 2010

Internet Explorer 6

I really can't believe people use IE6 still... I mean, I have it somewhere on my windows XP systems and I absolutely hate it when some application I run opens it thinking it's my default browser (like if it's trying to hijack my system or something crazy).  Ya know, the same garbage when applications thinks it is neato to open outlook express as your email client... zomg get with the times people... btw, who still uses offline mail readers anyways? gmail and most any web-based email client is pretty much superior in every way, especially in ease of use and accessing your mail accounts from basically anywhere with no setup or trouble with getting messages you "accidentally" downloaded in your mail browser.

So yea, anyways, back to the IE6 rant... I still have it somewhere like I said, mostly because I don't even wanna bother with doing that whole genuine advantage crap for microsoft just to update a browser I don't use... what a pain in the ass.  I read an article a while ago that businesses still use this browser.  I can see the business logic (much to the dismay of my programmer side) behind still using the dated product.  It works and don't fix things that aren't broken.  To be honest, I really have no idea even where to start with how to argue with this beause anyone you're trying to convince probably doesn't know enough about computers to care or understand what you're talking about.  I guess they can enjoy being part of botnets and getting virus after virus... I guess the positive side is that it keeps IT disaster recovery teams employed... which I suppose is good thing.

On the 29th of October (after this blog, here is an article about IE6 addiction):

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