Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The end of LimeWire

For those that didn't know, Limewire is the front-end software for peer 2 peer access on the Gnutella network.  In other words, this court order that came down a little while ago to kill off limewire will essentially have no effect, other than forcing users to use a different client... like frostwire.  The same content everyone was uploading and downloading is still out there, but now people need to use a different client.

It's like saying "you can no longer watch cable television using sony televisions"... ok, so I go to the store (or internet in this context...) and get a different brand... the cable is still being transmitted, I just need a new device -- or software in this case.

You can see for yourself the notice on limewire's homepage:

If you're interested in a new brand to the gnutella network, here's some alternatives:

If you liked limewire, try frostwire (see link above).

So, they get one client shut down... what about IRC outlets, usenet, other P2P networks...?  Even if they sued, court ordered, and even murdered everyone, it will just come back; they are fighting a losing battle and charging their legitimate users a premium to do it. 

Personally, I just listen/watch stuff on youtube (or google video) -- yea Vevo is annoying, but hey, it's free to use/listen and I'm not using torrents... almost anything is found, named correctly, and I can listen to it as long as I have internet.

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