Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All the old stuff

Ok, relatively new to this blogger thing... so I guess a post explaining everything is in order.  First, www.eondev.net is a website dedicated to game design and development.  We are a small team of people that are basically obsessed with making video games.  Right now, we are working on the Eonos:DG project which is a sidescroller game with the intention of making it an MMO -- an early development video can be found here:
First youtube video

Some screenshots that have been taken over development can also be found here.

Eventually we'll expand in to more games, but this is our flagship product.  I'll be using this blog to talk about development mostly, new features we've added to the development builds, rants about programming and designing, stuff like this... maybe a techie article or two, I don't know yet... maybe if anything this will be a magnet for spamming comments and e-fighting; again, I don't know... just know that the original intention of the blog was to allow me a faster and easier way to write down stuff about development and a place to vent.

We also have a forum set up for those more inclined to have another username and password to the ever "social internet" and want to start to contribute.

A very early single player demo can also be found on our downloads page. There is an older build for MAC OS X and the newer build for windows.  We'll likely do linux support as well later on when I get more time.

If you like what you see and want to start being part of the community, and possibly even get your voice heard for design considerations, head over to our forums and sign up!

Oh, here's a picture of an old build to at least give you guys an idea of what this is all about... more can be found on eondev.net

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