Thursday, November 29, 2012

Line drawing in Illustrator

This took me a while to figure out the "best way" to do... but I eventually stumbled on to this blog:

Good stuff.


1) Take your hand drawn sketch, scan it in
2) Place it on a new Illustrator document
3) Turn it to a template
4) Make a new layer (this will be the inking layer)
5) Use brushes and a drawing tablet to "ink" the lines, don't worry about over-shooting lines
6) Use pen tool to add anchor points where lines intersect and overshoot each other
7) Use direct select tool to delete the overhanging parts

This is very useful because importing vector art in to Toon Boom Studio is how we're doing things on our end.  Drawing in TBS is nice, but really awkward correcting my line art.

Oh, and if you don't know how to import AI files in to TBS, you have to save your Illustrator art as CS2 format otherwise TBS can't read the data.  This information is current as of TBS version 7.1

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