Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Intro to Animation Endeavors

So, this blog has been mostly about programming, game development, design, smart phone stuff, technical rants, and stuff like this... and has been idle for a little while again.  Well, a small and somewhat crazy offshoot to all of this has been all about visual things that look pretty.  Worse yet, pretty things that move.

I've been learning more about how cartoon animation works and some of the software that powers these pretty cool things.  The adventure led me acquire Toon Boom Studio and take a related class or two at the local community college.  Ideally with the lofty goal of implementing pretty, moving things in our games and heck, maybe even do some of our own animation work!

I found a couple random blogs that really helped me out in addition to the classes.

Of particular note:

This guy is clearly an industry veteran with very helpful articles.

I also came across John K's blog (yea, one of the guys that did Ren And Stimpy back in the day).


To get this party started, we had done various assignments for our classes, but with all things, it usually takes a wiping of all your old stuff before you feel somewhat confident enough to actually feel like it is going anywhere.  At any rate...

Here is my *second* ball bouncing animation that turned out pretty decent.

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