Sunday, February 19, 2012

Design to Product on Android - Delays (10 / 17)

During our software design and programming of the app, various delays have already been cropping up.  Specifically with the business side of the house.  We've been meeting with people and potential contractors for other projects we're working on.  While ultimately this is a good thing, it does take a toll on the direct development of the project.

Truth be told, these were fairly predictable delays and were taken in to account during earlier phases of planning.

In other good news, we acquired a music track that will be placed in one of our products.  In addition, we have been created more artwork and content for this new product.

Er, instead of going in to software design next, we'll be talking more about a prevalent issue with software development - the requirements creep.  A dreaded topic in all software shops and definitely something of prominence in the games industry.

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