Friday, February 3, 2012

Conversion to Chrome

After many years of using Firefox, I think I've finally converted over to Chrome. Chrome now seems more responsive, uses less memory, and just seems to deliver a smoother web experience. The only thing I use Firefox now is for streaming videos or movies off the internet. For whatever reason, Chrome seems to puke while streaming video still.

So, I guess my "normal" browser is Chrome, while using FF as my "I'm watching movies" mode.

Oh, and I also don't quite understand why Firefox is on a version runaway train. Congratulations FF team, your version numbers are now ahead of Internet Explorer; though I'm a tad concerned that isn't really a good thing. Sure, it might convince some people that your browser must be better because it has a higher version number than IE, but that marketing ploy won't work on a lot of people.

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