Saturday, January 28, 2012

Posting a new app in the Android Market

Eon Edge Studios posted a new app today at 11:15AM PST.  Now, with all weekends, the Android marketplace is usually *packed* with app submissions and updates.  We're going to see exactly how long this new release will take to propagate in the marketplace and report back here when it happens.

When we posted our first app, Simple Match, it took seriously like 6 or 7 hours for it to even show up in the marketplace.

When we posted our flashlight app, it took about an hour to show up, but this app was submitted during the week, as opposed to the weekend.

Of course, FINDING the apps themselves, once they hit the market is another story -- something I'll probably blog about here when I get a chance.

UPDATE: I guess it would help if I actually clicked the PUBLISH button as opposed to only the SAVE button in the marketplace.  Once I actually hit the right button, it took about half an hour for our new app to get published!

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