Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lady CEO in the Blog-House

Welcome to the blog!

Oh wait, some of you have already been here - so welcome back! XD

As this blog is primarily about what we are doing with our indie game company, tech posts, and other business ramblings and updates, I think it is a good idea to explore personal thoughts, experiences, and feelings about going into business.

Most businesses - especially independent game companies - fail within the first few years. On top of those odds, add the fact that it's a husband/wife adventure (hehe - a HW-RPG & RTS if you will), and you raise the stakes even higher.

The risks are high, and so too are the consequences - the 'awesome' to the 'not-so-awesome'.

Not sure how I plan to share my thoughts yet, so hopefully this suffices as my introduction to blogging.

I am very interested in finding other domestic partnerships that are starting indie game companies as well, and encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences too!


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