Thursday, March 1, 2012

Design to Product - Release (16 / 17)

Release time is around the corner, some things you might want to check over:

  • Take several screenshots of gameplay, use them for marketing purposes
  • Save local copies of everything, and I do mean everything, then back them up somewhere
  • Make sure the release version number is correct in the software and documentation
  • Do one last final general test of the product on your deployment platform

Once everyone on the team has given the thumbs up for release, it is time to package everything up, do one last sanity check over everything, and then publish the product!

Below you will find our original design, screenshots of gameplay, and a link in to the Android marketplace where our product, Bubble Zing, may be found.  This product was in development over the duration in which these series of blog articles were written and took approximately 3 weeks to go "from design to product".

Game Design:
Bubble Zing Design (pdf)

Menu Screen



Oo, a heart!


Video of Gameplay:

Bubble Zing:

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